We all desire to be more attractive. That’s exactly why there’s no such thing as being too attractive. Most women have tried everything from reading books on how to attract men, to giving themselves complete makeovers. Some of those method work, but unfortunately, they can leave us a little drained financially.

What men secretly want is a lot simpler than that. The following are a few top quality tips and trick to make you more attractive to men without spending any money.

1. Simply be confident

Yes, it is hard to fake confidence you are not particularly feeling confident. However, what most women don’t know is that the man you meet out one evening will probably be more nervous than you would.
Social interactions can be intimidating or even awkward for everyone. Whenever you feel shy or get the urge to overcompensate for your shyness by giggling or even being rude, calm yourself and just relax. Chances are that he’s probably trying to cover something himself. Act like a super model, and let him feel the heat. He will definitely remember you when you’ve left.

2. Always be positive

When you meet a man you like, do your best to create a positive vibe. Men are attracted to women who seem fun and positive. Something as simple as can be quite powerful. Smiling a lot will make the man feel more comfortable around you. He will want to know you more. However, when you smile, just make sure that you do not overdo it.

3. Don’t laugh at all his jokes

When he cracks a really funny joke, feel free to laugh. However, when you yourself laughing at all his jokes, stop yourself. This is because, thanks to the internet and pickup artists, all men today know that when a woman laughs at their jokes, it means that they are attracted to them.
There’s nothing wrong with letting a man know you are attracted to him. However, if you really want him to be attracted to you, you should never be the first one to show your feelings. Keep him guessing. Men like what they cannot predict.

4. Less is more

Don’t try too hard to impress a man you are attracted to. If a man you like approaches you at social gathering, play it cool. Don’t make him the Centre of your universe. When he thinks that he’s got you, and starts to get comfortable, excuse yourself for a minute or two. Make sure he knows that you are not going to powder your face. Don’t stay away too long though, about a minute or two should be enough. If you do this about three or four times during your encounter, he will understand that although you are interested in him, you still have other options. He will subconsciously find himself getting more attracted to you.

5. Be honest and say what you believe

Most women believe that they become more attractive when they agree to everything the men says. While being agreeable may be polite in some situations, it may backfire when you are talking to a man you are really interested in. Once in a while, don’t be afraid to speak your mind. All social encounters are usually tense at the beginning. As the two of you start to get comfortable around each other, the man will start to look for any telltale signs that show that you are interested in him. If he notices that you agree to everything he says, chances are that he will quickly lose interest in you and move on.

6. Always be yourself

Just because you believe that a man likes extroverted women does not mean that you should change your personality. Trying to change yourself or your personality or trying to act like someone you’re not will only make you come off as shallow. Despite what you see on TV, no man is really attracted to a woman he thinks is shallow.

7. Wear less makeup

A recent study has shown that on average, men prefer women wearing less makeup than they normally do. This does not mean that there is anything wrong with makeup per see. If you like wearing makeup then go for it. However, if you plan to wear makeup for the sole purpose of attracting men, then it would be advisable to use less. If you can pull off a natural bare look, even better.

8. Use your hair

Whether long or short, men pay a lot of attention to a woman’s hair. Your hair is one of the first things any man will notice about you. While some women prefer covering their hair from time to time, it is usually better to keep it uncovered and neat. Whether your hair is dark, blonde, red, ensure that it is its best every time you go out in public. Even when you’re just going next door always ensure that your hair’s neat.

We are all unique in many ways, so you combine all of the above tips and tricks or just use whatever you are comfortable with advance guide Good life for ever.